About Us



Our community is located in the Coromandel, 15 min North of Thames. Up in the hills, surrounded by native bush, and looking out into the vast ocean, we have a small number of residents and volunteers living in a big house and a few cabins. We have a studio for classes, personal practices and communal events, and host regular workshops, ceremonies, sharing circles, bonfires, music, dance, healing practices, arts & crafts, movie nights, games, and other activities. We balance the social element of community with personal/ introspective time, for which this place offers plenty of hidden gems, unexpected animals and beautiful nature tracks to explore. 

Together we share sacred knowledge with each other (and externally), and also reflect deeply, laugh lightly, love greatly, grow spiritually, be appreciated for our strengths and vulnerabilities, find meaning and belonging, live in harmony with nature, enjoy a communal lifestyle, and aspire to embody the values that underpin all ancient philosophies and spiritualities such as Yoga, Shamanism, Buddhism, Māori culture, Sufism, Taoism, various indigenous traditions, and others.

Sustainability principles encourage us to look after the land, build permaculture gardens (aiming towards feeding the community with plant-based organic food at some stage), recycle, grow sustainably, and share resources appropriately. 

We intend to gradually expand our facilities, cabins and venues, through the continuous support of people who contribute with their skills, possessions or contributions, as well as by reinvesting 100% of our revenue back into the community (e.g. income from resident’s rents, creative initiatives and crowd funding).




Use non-violent communication If you have issues/struggles with anything or anyone in the community, express them directly or during the sharing circles, rather than speaking about them behind the scenes. Cultivate self honesty. Ask questions rather than making assumptions. Be open to external views while trying not to be defensive. Contribute towards a kind, safe and trusting environment. Express your boundaries clearly. Hold a positive attitude, being solution-oriented rather than problem-focused


Continuously deepen your path of personal development and spiritual awakening. Find balance between idealistic spiritual concepts and realistic expectations. Own your feelings and actions, rather than blaming it on the outside. Recognize that if something is triggering you, there is something for you to work on. Take challenging situations as an opportunity to increase your awareness. Be open-minded and willing to learn from everyone In order to grow, be brave, and take a deep look at yourself, even (and especially) when it is difficult.


Explore and find love within yourself. Ask for help, and be open to sharing vulnerability with others. Honor, encourage and support others. Hold space for others in a way that suits them. Replace judgement and violence with compassion, tolerance and acceptance.


Be reliable, accountable and efficient. Honor people’s boundaries and freedom, as well as your own. Be conscious of the collective, and your impact on it. Respect and care for all living beings Be humble, know when to apologize. Ask permission to use things that do not belong to you. Respect all ethnicities, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, backgrounds, views and life styles.


Contribute to the day-to-day functioning of the community, including acts of service and participation in community initiatives Aspire towards reciprocity, considering what you bring and receive Hold a positive attitude, being solution-oriented rather than problem-focused Cooperate with others towards shared goals.


Contribute positively towards the environment, land and nature. Be mindful that resources are limited, so take only what you need, and feel free to give back. Honor and connect with nature. Take care of your own health for you are a beautiful part of nature. You are welcome to contribute towards growing our own food, shared veggie gardens/plants/fruit trees and animals.



In 2020-2021 we invested in creating a sustainable eco-system for our current capacity – having a practice room, compost system, water system, facilities, etc. Now we can host up to 12 residents (6 individuals or couples) and 3 volunteers, we are growing our own food and have chickens running around. 


By the end of 2021, we aim to have 10 (up to 13, which would be the total amount of houses we’d like to add) people/families ready to invest in having their own home here (either moving a tiny home in, or building one onsite). 

During 2022 we will aim to submit a project to Council of a new eco-village for us to live in (we imagine this might take up to a year). The eco-village will have shared facilities (kitchens, living rooms, venues, parking spaces). This will free up the main house for events, retreats and the creation of a new healing/teaching centre.


During 2023 we hope to build the eco-village! And as soon as the main facilities are ready (which we hope will be just a few months after that), have the new people move in.


We aim to create a long-term tribe, where our children learn from our elders, our adults support the place financially, our elders have initiatives that they get involved in, and we offer workshops and classes to bring inspiration to ourselves and others.

Read all about the Alkimia eco-village project here!

Ways you can contribute


By helping us, you’re also helping us help others.

a) Come live with us, as a resident or volunteer/woofer!

b) Offer your skills (or recommend us to someone you know): We will need people certified in multiple skills to help out, for example builders, architects, electricians, plumbers, soil contamination experts, landscape experts, ecologists, transportation experts, acoustics experts, cultural heritage experts, and probably a lot more.

c) Offer things you no longer need: furniture, kitchen materials, house appliances, tools (for gardening, building, cleaning), spiritual decorations, mats, anything.

d) Come build something fun, like a sauna, pizza oven, etc.

e) Help us fundraise (by using or sharing our crowd funding link below):