Retreat / Workshop Venue

In addition to hosting our own retreats, we also rent out our retreat venues.
We have multiple spaces that can be used to host workshops / retreats. Namely, one inside venue (formal – max capacity 9 people) and one outside venue (informal – max capacity 25 people), a big indoor space for people to relax/eat (which can be turned into a large inside venue if needed), and many beautiful outdoor spaces and nature walks. Photos & conditions below.




No minimum payment required (this helps people who are uncertain about their number of attendees).
1/3 of the profit goes to Alkimia, as long as Alkimia volunteers are welcome to join if there are spaces that did not get filled.
A $200 fee is used to secure the booking, which will be returned in full unless you cancel the event (except if for Covid reasons).
Note that all of our income is reinvested in building up the community, we don’t have individual profit.


Attendees are welcome to stay overnight for $20 per person per night, in either marae-style accommodation or camping.
Sorry we are unlikely to have individual rooms to host guests.
The organiser is offered a room in Alkimia for free during that time.


We have limited cooking facilities, so if you’d like to offer food it is best to have someone catering for the whole group (we do not offer that service, although we may be able to help you find someone who does). Otherwise people can bring their own food to share.
Vegetarian food only. Alcohol is not allowed.


We offer to share your existing advertising material on our website and social media, but you are 100% responsible for all marketing related to the event.
Payments can be made through Alkimia’s website.


We have parking for around 20 cars.
We do have a steep driveway, but around 90% people choose to take their cars up, except the ones that have really weak/old cars, in which case they can park at the bottom and go for a 10min walk.


Please help us contribute positively towards the environment, land and nature. Be mindful that resources are limited, so we encourage you to raise awareness for your attendees to take only what they need, and honour and connect with nature.